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Service Partners

We rely on a network of doctors, counselors, behavior therapists and educational professionals to help us understand and better serve our students.  We encourage all of our families and students to consider contacting some or all of the professionals on this resource list with the understanding that we have spent much of our time during our schools formative years cultivating relationships with these organizations. These professionals are the best in their field so unfortunately many of them have waiting lists.  We encourage you to get on their waiting list as soon as possible.  All service providers listed, may provide services that may be billable to an insurance company. 


SJ&A have been our top pick in Katy, Texas for psychiatric and counseling services.  Stokan Jaggers and staff takes their time to get to know each client and their family situation, and can match them with a non-medicinal therapeutic option or the right medicinal option.  Many of their therapeutic options are in-house and include everything from social skills classes, to biofeedback and interactive metronome classes


We are pleased to announce a partnership with HBU for that will allow our students to attend classes on HBU's campus for dual credit.  We believe this will be a great way to promote transition for our students to a college environment.  Click here to find out more about the HBU dual credit program.

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Confident Kids is a team of speech pathologists and speech pathology assistants licensed by the state of Texas to provide therapy for a variety of speech and language disorders.  Some of their therapists have backgrounds in ABA therapy which is helpful for our clients on the Autism Spectrum or other behavior disorders. They are passionate about collaborative care with teachers and other professionals that work with our clients.  

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Modern Dentistry is leading the way for many dental practices in the United States for kids with special needs. Dr. Jacob Dent is a nationally recognized thought leader in the dental field for compassionate, non-sedative dental work.  He has a son on the autism spectrum so the need for alternative, therapeutic settings and techniques is personally understood.  

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