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Admissions Process


Schedule a phone consultation

We want to connect with you as parents so we can best understand what you're looking for.  We will ask questions and answer any questions you may have. We can also provide you with scholarship resources and talk you through those processes. 


School Tour

We will send you a few dates to have you out. Students are welcome on tours.  Our tours generally last 30 minutes, and will include a walk through of the facilities and grounds, classroom observation, meeting teachers, and further discussion of how you see your student fitting on our campus.


Shadow Day

After the tour, our office will contact you by phone, and schedule a day that works for your student to spend a day on campus, attending classes with peers.  We usually try for a Friday from 9 to 3.

We will send you a sample schedule the day before your students shadow day so they can get familiar with it.

You can download the shadow day items needed.


Enrollment is open

Click the button below to download the entire application form to your device. Then email the completed form to

If you need to schedule a shadow day or are looking for additional documents such as permission to transport and/ or updated medication form, click here.

Shadow Day Documents

What you need for Shadow Day

You wont need much but here's the list.

Basic Permission Slip for Shadow Day

You can send this in advance (preferred) or bring it with you on the day your student shadows.

Student Handbook

Read a social story with your student if needed, and get an idea of our student culture.

Admissions Documents


Click here to fill out our form online.

Scholarship Application

This document will help us determine if your student is eligible for financial assistance.  One time gifts, and tuition assistance is available. 

Medical Release

This will let your student start services on our campus.

Admissions Continued

Medication Update Form

Keep us updated as you work with your doctor

General Field Trip Permission Slip

Some times things get lost in the shuffle and we don't have your slip by field trip time.  This can be signed digitally or manually and emailed or texted in case of emergency.

Photography Release

We love to highlight the success of our students!  This is a basic photography release.

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