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Launch Prep Elementary

Learn to work; work to learn!

In 2021 and 2022, we piloted an elementary program that has been specifically designed to prepare our students for middle school and highschool.  We tested curriculums with learning styles, and consulted with psychologists and educators to settle on what works. What we found is in order to optimize children's learning, it is essential to keep them engaged. Our approach to achieve this is through purposeful education, which involves a combination of methods. We prioritize child-centered learning, which empowers children to take charge of their education, promoting confidence. Our teachers also utilize play-based education, recognizing that children learn best through play, while using rewards so that they work towards their individual goals. Additionally, our teaching focuses on skills and content rather than only facts, equipping children with the necessary hard skills for future success in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Skills-Focused Learning....

We believe that skills-based learning is more effective than fact-based learning as it helps students learn concrete skills to be able to approach abstract concepts. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of a child's competency in specific skills rather than overall subject understanding. Through skills-based learning at our, students acquire knowledge and also learn independence, critical thinking, collaboration, and active learning.  We believe in personalized learning and recognize that every child learns at their own pace. Therefore, we do not hold a student back for lacking certain skills in 1st grade. Instead, we have until 5th grade to ensure the student has mastered these skills. Moreover, if a student has already demonstrated mastery in a particular skill, they can skip the learning module entirely. Our teachers specialize in the subject they teach and have a passion for their area of expertise, which creates an engaging learning environment.

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