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This course will teach about the main characteristics shared by every living thing and an introduction to the big ideas uniting the study of biology. Some topics covered will include chemistry of molecules important to life, cell structures and parts to life-sustaining functions, respiration, photosynthesis, DNA, genetics, inheritance, theory of evolution, life forms from simple bacteria to complex plants and animals, adaptations accompany each group of living things.

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This course includes a study of measurements skills, atomic structure, and the periodic table, bonding stoichiometry, states of matter and kinetic theory, solutions, acids, bases, and equilibrium, and simple chemical and nuclear reactions. Mathematical relationships of chemical reactions and mathematical descriptions of gas behavior are studied under experimental conditions and in problem-solving situations.

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Integrated Physics and Chemistry

IPC integrates the disciplines of physics and chemistry in topics such as: atomic structure, properties of matter, classification of matter, solution chemistry, atomic bonding, motion, force, energy, and waves.

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This course provides an understanding of the basic principles involved with physical concepts and the ability to apply these principles in the solution of problems. The course content includes topics in mechanics, kinetic theory, electricity, waves and optics, and modern physics.

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