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Launch Academy’s unique educational model intentionally places students with learning abilities and disabilities into shared lecture classes.  Students thrive in Launch Academy’s classrooms where individualization promotes unlimited growth. They gain self-esteem and problem-solving skills as they help friends who have a different approach to life and to learning. They focus on abilities, not disabilities; see strengths, not weaknesses; accept themselves and others, instead of fear.


As an independent private school, Launch Academy addresses a glaring need in our educational system to put people ahead of policies. We do this in very strategic ways:

1. We believe the key to learning is motivation. Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. We first teach our students how to work hard, by motivating them through an allowance scheduling system based on their performance.  

2. We encourage and expect independent thinking. Respectful debate and discussion are encouraged at Launch Academy, enabling students to appreciate different approaches and viewpoints.


3. We embrace character development as a core subject. We routinely take the time to monitor choices of voice, words, and actions. Role-play, group discussion, and one-on-one counseling facilitate awareness of the connection between thoughts, actions, and consequences.

4. We focus on finding solutions. We create daily opportunities for self-expression, both written and oral. We provide multiple opportunities for students to develop fluency in writing and speaking. Small classes enable every student to present information to a group, fostering comfort levels in public speaking.

5. We recognize that mistakes are essential to learning. We carefully provide a nurturing environment in which students learn for understanding as well as for test-taking. Our faculty takes the time to develop strategies that emphasize each student’s individual skills and natural aptitudes.

6. We seize teachable moments. The Texas Curriculum Standards as recorded through the IOWA state test serve as our minimum standards. However, we do not restrict teaching to those units. Classroom curriculum is not dictated by standardized testing. Teachers have the freedom to share their own expertise and experiences.  Additionally, we encourage each student to identify, cultivate, and share areas of personal interest and application. This philosophy permits frequent inclusion of guest speakers, field trips, and enrichment activities.

7. We have fun. Instilling a love of learning is critical to our philosophy. Our administrators and teachers know and appreciate each student as an individual. We purposely find ways to enjoy the process of learning, incorporating movement, conversation, and laughter throughout the school day.

8. We demonstrate that inclusion brings exciting possibilities for all students, families, and staff.

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