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With COVID-19 levels in the Houston area continuing to rise, Launch is taking additional action to safeguard our community for the start of the fall 2021 semester. As of now, our Parkway campus location will continue to be open, and classes will begin in person on Monday, August 30 as scheduled. However, there will be some changes in effect for at least the fall semester which will likely impact you.


  • Most in-person will be offered as hybrid/hybrid courses for the fall semester. All in-person academic courses will be conducted remotely and in-person through the end of the fall semester. This means that on the first day of class you will have the option to log in to Savas and Zoom instead of coming to campus for these courses. All courses except select Friday electives will continue as scheduled with in-person instruction starting August 30. If you are not sure which category your courses are classified as, please reach out to your faculty members for clarification on specific courses.

  • We are recommending what we are calling our Launch Academy Stay Safe Plan. While being clear that masks are not currently mandated, nor are students, faculty and staff required to get the COVID-19 vaccine, we do strongly recommend everyone in our community take every available precaution to keep themselves and those around them safe. Which is why we have created the Launch Academy Stay Safe Plan — five actions we can all take to protect ourselves and our community.

Launch Academy Plan.png
  • We do follow the leadership of the board at Parkway United Methodist Church for decisions about how we operate with masks etc.  They set their requirements with input from Methodist Hospital system, and Fort Bend County leadership.  Things can change, and we do our best to roll with those changes.  As of now, the only change is that screening at campus locations will be reinstituted so student drop off will continue to happen at the curb between 8:15 and 8:30am. All students, parents, employees and visitors will be required to complete Launch Academy’s screening process before accessing Launch Academy buildings.

While this is a challenging time that requires flexibility and patience, we look forward to welcoming you to Launch Academy for our fall semester and starting the school year strong. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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