Our school is unique, because our teachers are subject matter experts rather than special ed generalists. Our faculty and staff is also unusual because everyone on staff has a family member, either immediate or extended , with a disability.  We have walked the walk, and genuinely love living and educating in community with our students.  Our quality of service mission is really a "quality of people" statement.

Meet Our Staff


Richard Kelly, MBA

Ruth Wilson, LPCI

Dara Steinberg

Director of Student Achievement 

CEO & Founder

Front Office Administrator

Esther Kelly


Faculty & Staff

Sharon Hiergesell, Phd 

Science and Math

Steven Zelaya


History and Electives

Frank Matta

Obi Ehieze

Math and Science

Sarah Myers

Jonathan Liang


History and Electives

Jon Roumo

Jeremy Piloff

Behavior Technician 

Behavior Technician